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What Will Happen if I Don't Upgrade Before the 14-day Free Trial Expires?



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  • Johnny Hardy

    Well it's about time! I have always screamed about the way Trial offers work. You sign up for a trial period and if you forget or cannot cancel in time they automatically upgrade and start charging you. I freaking hated that. I applaud 10Web for fixing that very feature for the trial offer. If "YOU" don't upgrade your account it gets deleted after 14 days instead of them automatically trying to get your money. OOP's! unfortunately, I have to take it all back. They try and scare you into not canceling by telling you it's all over!  Your world and your Website have come to an end. You can't get your website back, no way possible in this computer run environment even though you had backed it up? So you would think they would have thought that if you did want to reactivate it they would save a back up of your site, on another server if necessary, for say another 15 days then when that is deleted you can't get it back. So really they only went 50% of the way. Instead of offering Great Customer Service it only goes half way. That's to bad. I will let them delete it as I don't like to be threatened into making a decision and it makes me wonder if the rest of their policies only reach 50%?  To bad. 

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