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  • David Blow

    Contact me  the gallery plugin has proved so far to be not good enough , currently not working AGAIN , was advised to remove 10 web manger and re-install .... where is it to re-install --i have tried many ways to find support  This is not the best support It effects whether or not i can make money and survive . I need to pay for things that I can relay up on ..HAD no contact for about three weeks . i know its christmas ... but it's over  The optimiser since October has never done its job and has constantly informed me that i have used up my 1000 images for optimising ..Well i can see it keeps re-optimising images from 6.28kb to 6.12kb that is getting to be silly when i have more important images that need optimising first .. having tried to insatll a gallery within my site outside boldgrid .. ALL THE IMAGES ARE BLURRY..    I HAVE AROUND 120 IMAGES on the site if you say that your auto optimiser has since October optimised a 1000 a month thats hard to believe .Its good to be nice people ..but I need support and your not there . CONTACT VIA CHAT TODAY 

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