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  • Official comment


    Kindly note, that in the time of uploading images you can create  "Make Directory" in Photo Gallery plugin. Here is the recording for your review. The latter will be created in the wp-content/uploads/photo-gallery folder.

    In case you have a large number of images, then Image Optimizer would be a very useful tool in this case.

    Thanks in advance! 


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  • Peter Jansson


    But how to select the newly created directory when I use the "Import from Media Library" button?

    (I use FTP to upload my images to Wordpress media library. I then want to import them from there to Photo Gallery albums).

    If I use create "Make Directory" in Photo Gallery plugin, how to select that new folder when I want to import my media from Wordpress Media library? As it is now all images uploads to the "imported_from_media_libray" folder. 

    Or have I missed something obvious?

    Best regards,


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  • Shushan


    Kindly be informed that in case you are using  "Import from Media Library", then you are not able to create a directory as the latter is being uploaded from WordPress media. The uploaded files are being stored and located in a different way. 

    Please, note, that the Photo Gallery plugin is storing images in wp-content/uploads/photo-gallery folder and the files may be stored in the other folder as well.

    Thank you! 


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