Client Reporting



  • Vitaliymalanchuk

    would love if we can include in reports 3rd party plugins like shortpixel, analitify, webarx and seopress

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  • Chris Story

    I have tested ManageWP as well and the reporting was the main feature that drove me to that platform.  Reporting is a must for me to really use this religiously.

    However, one thing that would take basic reporting to another level would be a notes feature to track updates when I log-in to manage a clients website.  Imagine I log in to 10Web, launch to go to the website I need to update the homepage for and either within the 10Web interface or through a Plug-in that is easy to access, there is a "Note" feature where I can say, "Add the new slider to the home page," have that timestamped, and also put some time against it to generate a report down the road that shows everything I did for that client that month (both back-end maintenance and forward-facing changes).

    This would be a game-changer!

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